pieces of my mind

the title depicts well what this blog is all about. it's a collection of my own photos and photos of things that i adore. I don't give a fuck about followers, go fuck yourself

gamble rambles

is she a dairybetic?
she rolled on over and asked me for a belly hug.

his cock looked like a whistle, and she wanted to blow it
she blew it right up like an air mattress

First fish of the year! Can’t wait til Jim sends me the picture of the fatty bass I caught!


i drunkenly made my bed now i’m gonna get drunk in it

I am soooo lucky oh man oh man oooooh man I&#8217;m a lucky girl

I am soooo lucky oh man oh man oooooh man I’m a lucky girl



apparently i am a home wrecking whore
tomorrow is my birthday and i want to die

I can’t just stop loving a person
& that makes me a deceitful fucking bitch